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          This is a better drawing of what I will someday own. This Ď39 Chevy Coupe is chopped, lowered, flamed, shaved, and smoothed. This car WILL be mine. A fuel-injected aluminum 502 is to be stuffed between itís fat fenders and fed by a centrifugal blower. It is to be fitted with Corvette front and rear suspension and brakes with a 6-speed independent transaxle putting down the power to the 17x8 and 18x10 Torq-Thrust IIís. The interior will have gray leather buckets with a 8-point cage and 5-point  harnesses. It will likely be black with dark grey to silver flames. This combo should be good enough to see many ricers in the 91-94 Caprice side mirrors whether it be at the strip, or in the twisties.